Defined by arena-sized hooks, retro 90’s aesthetics, and shoegaze-infused atmospheres, Vague Pains is the project of singer/songwriter Zachary Lemon. Working out of his basement studio in Novi, Michigan, Zachary and his remote collaborators pay tribute to classic indie rock while pushing the genre into fresh new territory. The group’s high energy sound has a timeless appeal, with bittersweet melodies clashing against walls of distortion and dissonance, all held together by Zachary’s evocative vocal performance.

Vague Pain’s first single “This Way,” was released on 5/28/21, and the self-titled debut album is coming fall of 2021.

Zachary Lemon: rhythm guitar, bass, vox 

Chris Loocke: lead guitar 

Nik Hughes: drums 

Nathaniel Wolkstein: strings

Mixed by Daniel Salcido 

Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters