Shady Angel ep- out now!

only took 20 years…

In the early 2000’s Shady Angel (Shannon Lemon: vox/guitar, Zack Lemon: guitar, Kirk Down: bass, Dave Johenk: drums) played a handful of shows in Southeastern Michigan, and began recording songs at Sacred Hill recording studio in Lansing. Like so many other musical projects, life got busy and before the album was completed the musicians went their separate ways (except for Zack and Shannon, who got married that is).

For nearly 20 years the studio recordings sat in a closet on the now-defunct ADAT format, more or less forgotten. Recently, thanks to a bit of luck tracking down a used ADAT player, the first six songs were imported into Pro Tools. By some miracle the tapes weren’t warped and played just fine. Even more miraculous- the songs sounded great! The recordings were sent out to Daniel Salcido for mixing and to Brad Blackwood for mastering, and we are extremely proud of the finished result. Shady Angel- EP is out now on all major streaming services!

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